The Distant DAO

Distant Finance is a community-driven project. The community plays an active role in every core integration, deciding on future products to implement, rewards distribution, approving projects to launch on the launchpad, and liquidity distribution across the lending pools.

$VOID will be implementing the Curve Finance vote escrow gauge model for the Distant Finance governance token $veVOID. The community obtains voting right by locking their $VOID token to get $veVOID and earn rewards in $VOID for staking. The $veVOID token will be permanently locked for a fixed duration of time without being accessible to users until it reaches the maturity period.

veVOID is the Distant DAO governance token. veVOID holders have the power to delegate liquidity distribution across lending pools, deciding on projects to launch on the launchpad and the future implementations on Distant Finance.

Vote locking $VOID reduces the token's sell pressure by encouraging users to hold $VOID.This helps to improve the supply-demand mechanism without having to burn the existing amount of $VOID supply fostering profit sharing and community building by giving the $VOID token an underlying utility.

veVOID doesn't boost yield unlike most veToken models veVOID is not meant to be a yield bearing token but an access token to the governance system of Distant Finance Holders of the veVOID token are only rewarded if they participate in proposals and voting rounds!

Users can vote-lock their $VOID token to start making and voting on Distant DAO proposals and be a part of Distant Finance ecosystem decision-making process. Vote locking $VOID boasts users' yields and maximizes their rewards compared to the staking of $VOID. $veVOID holders are also eligible to participate in the INO sales on the Distant launchpad, giving veVOID holders access to all of $VOID token's utility and more.

Value generation for the veVOID token also follows through with $VOID but comes at a price of participating in a Governance proposal to receive the reward accumulated from past proposals made in the Distant DAO

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