Team initial release

Destructuring the 20% release, 6 months after TGE

In our release schedule, we planned a release of 20% for the team after 6 months Tokens released in this phase will be locked for 1 year to receive veVOID tokens

This is part of our strategic plans to be inclusive in the Distant DAO early days as a Quango Our inclusion in the decision making process of the ecosystem will allow us push forward proposals, budgetary plans from the treasury pool, veto INO projects, among other changes/requests during the early stages of the development of Distant Finance whilst grooming up its decentralized DAO

The Team address holding the veVOID tokens will be blacklisted from receiving rewards from proposals successfully made in order to ensure fair distribution of rewards to other participants And at the end of the 1 year period, all the tokens released will be burnt!

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