Our ergonomic design for $VOID

$VOID is the powerhouse of the Distant Ecosystem, the fuel to our ecosystem. As a KRC-20 standard token, it maintains all gauge for transferability, interchangeability and fungibility $VOID standardizes solely as a utility token that is primarily used to influence Protocol participation and development

From the onset of the ideation for Distant Finance, an ergonomic and value-adding design was proposed for the token economics in order to help assure $VOID price stays afloat even in bad market conditions Some of the implementation proposed:

  • The use of vote escrow tokens in order to help reduce the amount of circulating supply of $VOID in the market and boost incentives for staking individuals

  • Regular buybacks from Protocol generated revenue which will then be funneled into Protocol Owned Liquidity

  • Maintaining the demand curve by enforcing the use of $VOID tokens in strategic products on the Distant ecosystem

  • Token allocation to fit the Participant's incentive alignment with the Protocol's long term interest

  • Limited token emission that spreads over 10 years to be fully diluted

With a maximum supply of 66,000,000 $VOID tokens, and a maximum inflation of 27.38% in the first year that marginally depletes by a factor of 8 yearly

The Reserve Pool

The allocation to the Reserve pool is weighed in heavy in order to allow for continuous incentive distribution, bootstrapping additional liquidity, allocation of funding, future marketing allocations and many more. It is primarily a community token allocation, locked away only to be released according to proposed needs by the DAO! The unlock of the Reserve pool begins in 3 years, after the DAO is fully functional onto which every decision made pertaining the use of the funds emitted to the Reserve pool, will be decided upon. Burning the Reserve pool is also a reasonable approach when plans to become deflationary gets realized

In the allocation of the $VOID tokens, 65.1% of the total supply is bootstrapped for the community in various forms and is released fashionably to reduce $VOID inflation in the market, maintaining sustainable value along the years.

Below is the token distribution without the Reserve pool for better visualization of distribution

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