The $VOID Token

Enter the Void

Distance Labs adopts a dual token model to promote liquidity, governance, and utility for the sustainability and development of the protocol. As a blockchain project built on the KCC network, Distant Finance utilizes $VOID, a KRC-20 token to make its solution and services accessible to several users on the network. $VOID is Distant's native token for platform usage, used to empower the decentralized community and incentivize liquidity across the Distant platform. The $VOID token has a maximum capped supply of 100,000,000 $VOID. Protocol decisions on burning $VOID tokens rests in the hands of the DAO

We are building a token with strong utility that will help create demand for $VOID in accessing services and solutions offered on the protocol. This will help to capitalize on $VOID token in the open market, rewarding long-term holders of $VOID token and the project's strong believers. $VOID holders can lock their tokens by staking them in the time-weighted vote escrow to get veVOID tokens. veVOID represents the governance token for the ecosystem allowing community members to delegate on proposals made on Distant Finance. veVOID boosts liquidity providers' incentives and gives them the right to vote on the Distant DAO proposal.

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