A user's dashboard to have a broad overview of their NFTs

What is the Profiler

We are building a dashboard where a user can have an overview of their NFTs with other embedded information

  • Attributed features of the NFTs along with its rarity values in the total collection

  • NFT transaction and sales history details

  • Loan-to-Value ratio of a specific NFT on the lending market

  • Ongoing bids on an owned NFT

  • Approved access to the Game-Guild marketplace

A user's transaction details on the Distant marketplace will be a metric used to grant access to the Game-Guild marketplace and the Profiler is a tool the user will utilize to visualize their upgrade to access

Future upgrades to the Profiler

There are plans to expand the utility of the Profiler such as expanding its NFT aggregation details to other chains but at its ground level, it will be focused on KCC and will come in batches of development The use of the profiler will also be externally scoped to every other product feature of the Distant Ecosystem.

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