Fixed-price NFT Sales

On the Distant marketplace, a user gets to set a price at which the NFT is to be sold and this is carried out in by approving the NFT on the marketplace and listing it for sale.

More detailed guide will be released following our Beta phase

The Distant marketplace relies on a fee structure which is appropriately designed to generate value back to the ecosystem and curb or at the very least, limit wash trading on the platform. We have a set fee of 2% on every NFT trade taken but this can be discounted by holding Void tokens up to 1%

The Distance Labs have identified a flaw in the NFT marketplaces on KCC which is: Users can't list their NFTs on multiple platforms at once. This is a feature very well enjoyed on other chain and we want to give the same narrative to the KCC Network

We are building a gas efficient Marketplace and we have serious plans to integrate third party providers that will give users the ability to make use of their crypto or fiat debit card on the marketplace to purchase NFTs

The Marketplace features

With our full intentions to give a whole basket of value to the Void and veVoid token, we have implemented value generating implementation details in the Marketplace that draws value back into our ecosystem

  • Trading fee discount based on the amount of Void tokens held by the user. This discount ranges all the way down to 1% calculated mathematically to fit into the scales of generating maximum value to Holders of the Void tokens and Frequent traders on the Distant Marketplace

  • Trading fee revenue is distributed between the ecosystem and the community Holders of the veVoid tokens gets to distribute 60% of the trading fee revenue generated as rewards. The rewards will be distributed to a captured veVoid token holders at a set amount of block time to be predetermined during beta 40% of revenue generated from the fees will go into ecosystem building, buybacks and future reward pools

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