Distant Marketplace

The difference we are creating!

A major deterrent to individuals who are not exposed to Crypto when buying their first NFT is the ease of usage of a marketplace Through the use of the Distant Marketplace, we are changing the narrative.

A platform that, by democratizing access and making it simple for anybody to use, will address the gap that now exists between anyone and the NFT ecosystem.

Plans are already under way to incorporate third-party platforms into the marketplace in order to facilitate the buying and trading of NFTs using fiat, thus streamlining the accessibility of NFTs for everyone.

The Marketplace

There are two means or methods to sell your NFTs on the decentralized marketplace: Fixed price sale and Auction sale Trading on the Distant Marketplace takes a 2% fee. Of the fee, 70% is used for funding staking incentives and governance participation rewards, while 30% is allocated to the development of the Protocol.

The Auction house is also one of the features available on the platform. The Auction house takes a 3% fee upon successful completion of the sale. This fee is also distributed in the same manner: 70% to the community, 30% to protocol development.

More Features

A proposed feature we intend to implement on the marketplace will allow users list their NFT on the Distant Marketplace and still allow to list on other secondary marketplaces. A feature identified lacking in all KCC NFT marketplaces

Fee discount is a further planned feature aimed at benefitting Void token holders.

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