Peer to Protocol lending

A twist to our lending platform for quick loan access

Some times, a user might want to have immediate access to a loan offer but waiting for another user to provide the needed funding might take longer to happen This is where the Peer to Protocol lending comes in. This time around, a user gets to interact with the protocol participants to access a loan but this time around, according to a loan-to-value ratio

The Peer to Protocol lending will be a solution but is also revolving round the community for sustenance in funding to lend out, and decision making to determine the LTV ratio of an NFT collection or even the verifiability of a collection to be allowed access to its lending markets

Who are the Protocol Participants

These are the users who are staked into the Protocol to fund these loans. The interest generated from these loans is then redistributed to the participants accordingly. Assets used in the staking will be the supported assets for borrowing such as USDT, USDC and KCS. Governance Participants who own a veVOID token will allow the participants vote the loan-to-value ratio for a specific NFT collection and the inclusion of NFT Collections to the lending protocol as verified for loans.

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