Future developments

Proposed sub-products for the Lending market

Among our proposed plans, we have other sub-products that are meant to simplify the use of the Lending market

  1. NFT Wrapper (NFT Basket). This is an implementation designed to allow a user to wrap multiple NFTs or multiple collections to increase the loan-to-value ratio to take a higher valued loan rather than taking it multiple times to reach the threshold the borrower is actually in need of. This NFT wrapper will be locked in wNFT which will need to be unwrapped to access the NFTs locked by it. The wNFT can then be used as collateral. The total value of the NFTs wrapped will be reflected in the wNFT being collateralized.

  2. on-chain messaging service. Another implementation design meant to increase the visibility of one's loan request. According to the signed up users, will notifications go out to the users if there is a loan available to fund right away Telegram messaging service (bots) or on-chain protocol messaging is the implementation designed to reach out to users signed up to this notification service.

  3. Integration of the Profiler to contain details of loans and their due date to keep users up to date with their loan validity period.

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