The Mint ticket NFT

What is the Mint Ticket NFT?

The Mint NFT Ticket is the gateway or entry pass to access specific NFT collections but what's more is, those tickets can be sold thereby creating more market opportunities.

Those who buy a mint NFT are given the opportunity to participate in the Early Sale of the NFT as access is given to those verified as owning one of these tickets and not primarily tying it to an address.

Let's take a closer look at this.

Access to the launchpad is limited and accessible via three manners:

The amount of Void tokens to be staked will be determined by a DAO vote from the community and be updated accordingly

  1. Premium Stakes: These are the project's core players who staked a particular amount of Void tokens in exchange for premium access to early sales. Premium access is granted in exchange for the staking of a certain number of Void tokens. Premium Stakes are eligible to get one randomized ticket from the Witnet VRF and one mint ticket NFT as an assured allocation. This portion of the collection accounts for 10 percent of the overall collection.

  2. Participatory Stakes: This is for the set of users staking a particular amount of Void tokens for the NFT sales. This Stakes group have a chance to win 2 Mint ticket NFTs, and the entire procedure is made completely random with the application of Witnet VRF. A total of 85% of the collection sale is allocated to this set

  3. Socials are members of the community and believers who are able to participate in the sale of NFTs by completing activities related to social media in order to spread the news about the project and the sale of the NFT collection. Only one free NFT Mint ticket is given to each user. 5% of the total collection is designated for social programs.

Obtaining the Mint Ticket NFT

To obtain the Mint ticket NFTs, one must stake or participate in the socials event and show interest. The recipient's wallet address will automatically receive the ticket at no additional cost.

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