The Game Hub

The Gamers' hotbed for information

What is the Game Hub

This is an axis where both Gamers and Investors may come to read, write, and update reviews on Play-to-Earn Games they have interacted with on KCC. These reviews should provide Gamers with the information they need to make informed decisions. This is to ensure that all gamers have a deeper understanding of the game they wish to join before acquiring the NFTs from our Gaming Guild or the open market. It would also aid existing gamers in getting the most out of their NFTs and gameplay.

The purpose of our Game Hub is to be the one-stop place for any Game related questions, ideas, or innovations. The following is expected to be seen in the Game Hub:

  1. Gamers review the Games they have played

  2. Gamers' difficulties while playing a game

  3. The Pros and Cons of a Game

  4. The reward rate from a Game

  5. Step-by-step guide on how to finish "difficult" levels in a game (if it's a Game that involves Missions)

  6. Broad explanation of the Game, tokens, founders, and the future of the whole Game and its ecosystem And a whole lot of other information would be passed across as time goes on.

Gamer's Portfolio Tracker

At Distance Labs, we've been able to develop a concept that we call a Gamers Portfolio Tracker This is a collection of Algorithms that helps Gamers in monitoring their Entire Gaming portfolio. This isn't limited to just funds earned, but also the time spent in playing the game. Thus, a Gamer might determine how long it takes to earn xx amount from playing a game. In addition, a Gamers Portfolio Tracker can help give the approximate ROI (Return in Investment) from a specific game. This would help Gamers in allocating their time and investment to a Game that is more profitable entertaining to them to them.

The mean value of all Gamers Portfolio (which would be calculated by averaging the Portfolios of a set of Gamers who play a specific game) would also be helpful to other gamers, as they would be able to see the approximate amount earned from playing a specific game over a precise time period. This would be especially beneficial to gamers who are just starting out in the gaming community.

Games supported on the Game Guild

The type of Games we support on our Gaming Guild is just as crucial as the Cryptocurrencies supported in an Exchange platform. We wish to sponsor as many games as possible, but we would ensure each game goes through a Comprehensive review, that way, we don't get to invite our Community Members to games that are not profitable and engaging. The following are the measures we take when examining a game:

  1. Identifying the Game: This is the first and most crucial step. Identifying a game can be pretty challenging at times, which is why we implore our Community Members to help us in getting it done. As a project, we discover Games by examining their Gameplay, Coinmarketcap information, Tokenomics, and also by testing the new games out either in their Beta stage.

  2. Community Research on the game: This is also an important thing to do, as whatever games we promote are an investment for us and our community members. This would involve extensive research by giving access to selected Guild members to the Beta who checks out the whole Gameplay or storyline, the Project's tokenomics, profit rate etc. This way we minimize the risk for our Gaming Guild members when we enter a full partnership.

  3. Establishing a Partnership with the Gaming Project: As a Gaming Guild, we would need to establish a partnership with the project to proceed towards our aim of making the game accessible to the Members of our community members. We discuss partnerships and collaborations in order to get identified as a Gamer from a specific Guild and also to ensure our Gaming Guild Members enjoy Exclusive contents

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