Guild Market

The Guild Market

The Guild Market is where NFT lending and borrowing takes place between participants in our ecosystem. It is a platform of common ground accessible only to owners of the Badge NFTs where individuals can set up their in-Game NFTs, accessories and virtually, any NFT to be rented out to interested parties at a fixed collateral and daily return rates.

The Lending party

  1. The Lender who wishes to rent out his NFT to a Gamer can do so at a predetermined collateral value and put it up on the Guild market.

  2. The Lender is responsible for determining the NFTs daily return and the maximum number of days that the NFT may be lent out for.

  3. The Lender approves and transfers the NFT to the Guild market. Users who lend their NFTs on the market can access our Server to notify others of the availability of their NFTs. In addition, we will also be implementing an on-chain messaging service to notify users of a new listing based on their preference

Distant Finance as a Lending Party

Through our collaborated efforts with Partner projects, The Protocol will be able to offer Game NFts to the ecosystem participants. It can come in varied means such as rentals or discounted buys

NFT Rentals comes with a predetermined risk. Our use of the Badge NFT is meant to help curb or reduce these risks via our semi verification means on Discord. As a precautionary note: The collateral set by the Lender ought to have a value that is high enough for the Lender to be willing to lose the NFT in exchange for it.

The Borrowing party

  1. The Borrower when taking the NFT, pays the collateral upfront and the total of the daily return rate which is calculated as the number of days he's taking the NFT for * the daily return rate Rv=c+(ddrr)Rv = c+(d*drr)

  2. After the rental days are over, the borrower is expected to return the NFT within 24 Hours.

In an unfortunate incident in which one defaults, certain privileges on the server as well as access to other products in the Distant Ecosystem are lost to that wallet address.

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