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Distant Guild

The members of the Distance Labs team has a collective wealth of experience in the gaming industry coming from a long line of Gamers. Play-to-Earn games like Pikaster, IdleStoneage, and many others that are still under development are innovations coming to the KCC network. This increase in adoption coincided with the rise of play-to-earn games and their interaction with NFTs. It opened up a new ground for innovation and problem-solving: Game Guilds.

The Distant Guild is the first gaming guild to be created on the KuCoin Community Chain, and its goal is to provide gamers with access to in-game NFTs and accessories. The incorporation of the Game Hub into the Gaming Guild by Distant Guilds is a really fascinating new aspect. This, along with other feats, will be explained below:

Access to the Guild

To get access to the Guild market for in-game NFTs and accessories, participate in Gamepedia related activities and other sub-products in line to be released for the Game Guild, every participant needs to mint a Badge NFT which will cost a predetermined amount of Void tokens. Also, every user minting the Badge NFT needs to have their wallet address verified on our Discord server and the Profiler whitelisting the address. The Void tokens spent in minting this badge will be sent to the treasury and then be redistributed to the community via our Liquidity Providers Mining rewards and Single staking pools.

The same implementation of the specific amount of tokens that it will cost to access the Guild will be determined by the Quango. The number of tokens it will cost will be subject to consistent review and votes to settle on new figures regularly.

Purpose of the Distant Guild

  • Building a community of dedicated gamers

  • Access to crypto games at a lower cost

  • Exposure of both crypto and non-crypto users to the gaming ecosystem

  • Tapping into the ever-growing NFT Ecosystem

  • Extensive research on games and the gaming ecosystem in general

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