Distant Bridge

Distant Bridge

The rise of the NFT industry facilitated the migration of NFTs from the Ethereum blockchain to new emerging blockchains, with reduced transaction fees. The current difficulty with the blockchains with small NFT communities is low liquidity inflow across those blockchain ecosystem, caused by fragmentation across the NFT industry.

Distance Lab is building and integrating an NFT bridge in order to provide a unique solution to the issue of blockchain network scalability across diverse NFT ecosystems. This enables NFT holders and developers to explore endless opportunities by utilizing their NFTs on numerous chains.

Despite the fact that our Ecosystem was deployed on the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC), our primary objective is to be positioned as an all-encompassing protocol. This indicates that we will be accepting numerous chains and demolishing the hurdles that impeded the interoperability of the NFT industry's liquidity flow. The innovation will enable engagement from users across different blockchain communities to invest in NFT projects built on other specific blockchains due to the possibility of interaction of NFT smart contracts with different networks via the on-chain oracles.

As the first solution hub integrated into KuCoin Community Chain to establish a big ecosystem for multi-chain NFT projects, Distant will offer a platform where traders and end-users can conveniently trade and utilize their NFTs independent of the limits imposed by the blockchains they were constructed on previously.

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