World Cup Event Qatar 2022

This is a short page detailing the content of our planned World Cup Event Qatar 2022

Distant Finance FIFA 2022 Qatar Event is dedicated to the football tournament in which participants will predict the outcomes of World Cup matches in order to pique people's interest in the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022. This is going to be done in order to get people excited about the upcoming tournament. If a participant prediction comes out as valid, he earns back his KCS as well as the KCS of other players who predicted wrongly. But most importantly, every participant will be entered into a drawing for our vQatari NFT. Every game participation also earns the address a point in our null point airdrop event


  • $VOID tokens


$VOID Tokens: Participants who make predictions during the upcoming FIFA World Cup will have the opportunity to win the native token of Distant Finance, which will be represented by the symbol $VOID. This token will be awarded to every game predicted by a wallet in the form of null points, redeemable at launch time at the conclusion of the tournament.

vQatari NFT: This is a dynamic version of the NFT, and the participants who have been successful in placing their bets throughout the course of the tournament will have the opportunity to win after the draw, which is scheduled to take place after the conclusion of the tournament.


You will need to go to the distant finance betting platform, which can be found at, in order to take part in the competition. Once there, you will need to connect the address of your digital wallet. Only KCS can be wagered, and only one KCS can be wagered on any one match. KCS are the only way to place a bet on this platform. There are only three possible outcomes, win, loss, or draw, that participants can choose from in order to win the prediction game.

All of the winners of the match get to win a portion of the pool prize which is ninety percent of the total amount of KCS that was wagered in the betting pool, which will be calculated and distributed based on individual stake. However, ten percent of the total pool prize is sent to the protocol on initial game instantiation.

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