Read before proceeding

Take the time to read the disclaimer before moving on to the following sections of the white paper.

The whitepaper presents a report that covers a wide range of details regarding the design and construct of our Ecosystem. This whitepaper's purpose is to give the audience an overview of our project ideas, products, and all-round operations.

There is no indication that any of the information from this document constitutes investment or financial advice. It does not in any way encourage the reader to purchase Void tokens or participate in the project, nor does it obligate the reader to adhere to the design of the project or the functionality of the token.

The $VOID Tokens

Void tokens do not convey any ownership or interest in Distant Finance because they are not shares or any other type of investment. Users are not obligated to acquire, trade, or keep the tokens in their possession. The tokens are merely meant to act as a doorway to the ecosystem as well as any other governance privileges that may be introduced during the main development of the Project.

Finally, before proceeding with any financial or investment decisions, conduct your own research. Distance Labs and Distant Finance will not be held responsible for the financial choices made by users.

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